Monday, October 24, 2016

How To Look Sexy Without Breaking The Dress Code

Every girl would like to look great on prom night. Some of them would like to look sexy but they make a mistake by wearing dresses that show too much skin. They end up being sent home because the dress they’re wearing doesn’t comply with the school’s dress code. Girls should remember that when they feel great about themselves, it will also reflect on the outside. If you are comfortable and you feel confident, you will also look sexy and fabulous.

If you still don’t get any idea, here are some tips that can help you:

Show your assets but cover other features: If your long legs are your main asset, you can flaunt it by wearing a short dress but make sure to cover up on top. If you like to show some cleavage, wear something that will cover your legs. Make sure that you won’t be showing too much of your assets or you will just be sent home.

Wear a lacy dress: When you are planning to buy sexy dresses for prom, a lacy dress should be on top of your list. Lace is trendy these days and it also gives out a very sexy look.

Go for designer dresses: Wearing designer dresses makes you feel good about yourself as you know that you’re wearing a dress that it is created by the best designers in the fashion industry. It will make you feel as if you’re worth a million bucks.

Choose the right hair style: Go for a bun or any updo hairstyles. Updo hairstyles allow you to show off your neck and shoulders. Don’t forget to wear chandelier earrings to complement the look.

Wear red lipstick: People will immediately notice that you’re wearing red lip stick. Red gives off an alluring feel. There are even studies that show that red is the sexiest lipstick color. So if you’re wearing a dress that doesn’t show off too much skin, let your red lipstick do its job!

Those are some of the tips that will help you look sexy for prom without having to break the dress code of your school. Remember that being sexy comes from within. No need to try really hard. 

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