Sunday, July 2, 2017

What to Look for in a Dress Retailer

Whether you’re going to prom or attending your high school’s homecoming, you’re most likely planning to go to a Chicago dress retail store and buy a new outfit. But, with numerous retailers out there, it can be difficult to find a store that you can rely on. Fortunately, you can make the process easier by keeping the following factors in mind:

High-quality products
Find a retailer that offers stylish and world-class dresses from renowned fashion designers like Sherri Hill, Rachel Allan, and Tarik Ediz. This way, you’ll have a wide range of options to choose from instead of being limited to just a few dresses, and you’ll easily find a well-designed gown that accentuates your best features and matches your personal style.

Free shipping
Like most shoppers, you’ve probably set yourself a budget for your dress. To ensure you’ll spend all of this amount on your dress and not on shipping fees, find a store that provides free shipping and delivery. This way, you’ll have more funds for your prom or homecoming dress, allowing you to explore more options and easily find the best gown.

Customer-friendly returns and exchanges policy
Perhaps you ordered a size-XL gown then found out that it was too large for you. Or maybe the store sent you a dress with a glaring manufacturer defect. Either way, you want to be sure that the retailer won’t make it hard for you to return or exchange your order and get the perfect dress.

Reasonable prices
Most formal dresses come at a premium price, which isn’t really surprising especially if they’re made by top-tier designers, have excellent quality, and reflect the latest runway trends. However, you’ll still want to do your research and find a shop that offers the dress you want at a reasonable price. This way, you’ll get the best possible outfit without having to pay a fortune.

Keep these tips in mind to find the right dress retailer and be the best-dressed girl on prom or homecoming!

Going to Homecoming? Don’t Make These Mistakes!

Going to homecoming is fun and exciting, but take note that attending this event isn’t just about showing up and having fun; if you want to have a smooth and successful experience, you need to make your preparations as early as possible. Of course, make sure to avoid these mistakes:

Not knowing the dress code
Most schools have a dress code for homecoming and other events, and it’s important to know what it is so you can buy a homecoming dress  that fits the guidelines. Visit the school website or call the school office to get a copy of the dress code.

Procrastinating on dress shopping
You might not feel like buying a dress especially if homecoming is still a few months away. But remember: you’re not the only one who will be attending this event! Thousands of girls are also going to their own homecoming and shopping for dresses, which means you might not find a dress that suits your fashion taste and/or comes in your size if you shop a few days before homecoming season.

So make sure to look for your dress as early as possible. You can go shopping on the web; there are plenty of online stores that offer stylish and high-quality gowns for homecoming and other formal events. Check out the site’s FAQ page to know more about its return policies, payment options, and other topics.

Choosing the wrong shoes
Most dresses look great when paired with six-inch heels. But the real question is this: can you handle these sky-high pair of footwear? If you’re not used to wearing heels, don’t force yourself to do so during homecoming. Instead, stick to a heel height that you’re comfortable with so you can stand, walk and dance on homecoming night without any problem.

Forgetting your undergarments
We don’t mean forgetting to wear them; we mean forgetting to consider them when choosing your dress! Make sure to pick undergarments that properly match your dress you don’t want to have your bra straps peeking out or your panty lines being too visible .

Avoid these mistakes to have a smooth and positive homecoming experience!

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Tips To Coordinate Your Look With Your Prom Date

Do you have a date for prom? You’re probably deciding whether you should be coordinating your look with your date. There are plenty of factors you have to consider especially if you really want to match your outfits with your date especially when he has different taste and preferences as you are.
If you plan on coordinating your looks, the following tips will be helpful:

An Exact Match

You and your date can go shopping together for your outfits. You can help him find a suit that perfectly matches with your dress. By going shopping together, you can make sure that you can meet your date’s preferences. You don’t want him to look uncomfortable just because you forced him to wear an outfit he doesn’t like.

Having an exact match with your date is possible when your date asked you months ahead of prom. If he invited you on the last minute, this tip may not be achieved well.

Complementary Outfits

If having an exactly matched outfit with your date doesn’t seem to work well, you can opt for complementary outfits instead. You can go for a dress with the same color as your date’s suit. You can also ask your date to wear a tie with the same color as your dress.

Go Neutral

When things get overwhelming, going neutral is an ideal choice. Neutral colors go well with anything so regardless of what your date is wearing, the two of you can still look your best. Visit a Chicago dress retail store and see what they have on offer. There are also plenty of choices online if you want to go on a more convenient route.

Take note of those tips when you want you want to have coordinating looks with your prom date. Regardless of what your preferences are, you can always meet in the middle. There are plenty of ways on how you can coordinate your outfits without one having to sacrifice. Stay confident and you and your date will always look great no matter what you choose.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Taking Great Pictures For Homecoming

Homecoming is just one of the events that a person would be attending during their school years. Homecoming can run throughout the entire week depending on how long your school has scheduled it to be. But, during this week, the most awaited event would be the homecoming night. It’s when girls and boys dress up and look their best.

If you’re going to attend homecoming night, aside from looking your best, you’d also aim to take great pictures. Pictures serve as memories that you can look back to after several years and say you had a good time. To help you with that, here are things you need to consider:
Your Dress

Your homecoming dress would affect your look. Make sure that you choose a dress that’s not only beautiful but is also comfortable to wear. You don’t want to be anxious when taking pictures just because you’re not confident enough of how you look.

The Background

The key to great pictures, even when you’re attending an event or not, is to look for the perfect background. There are probably certain areas in the venue that’s neat and cool. Find a background that will make you stand out. Don’t choose a background that will make you look as if you blend in to it.

The Pose

Learn how to pose for pictures. Have a variety of poses and don’t just opt for front and side poses. You can even invite your closest friends to join in the picture. You can have creative and wacky poses just for fun. Candid poses can be great too. Just don’t do anything that’s not very appropriate or is risky. You might end up regretting it.

Those are the 3 major things you need to consider if you want to take great photos on homecoming night. If you’re still preparing and searching for a dress, visit your favorite retailer. Read answers to frequently asked questions to get more information.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

How To Get Prepared For Homecoming

The end year celebrations are getting near and everyone is in the mood of getting the best dress ready for that day. However, the disadvantage is that this is the time that many stores tend to raise their price by big margins. As a result, girls attending the homecoming party may be forced to choose a design that does not bring the best out of her. So to ensure that you are not caught off guard as the big day nears, look at the homecoming night preparation tips outlined below.

Say Yes to Your Dress

Shop early and get an extraordinary dress before they're sold out. For latest, classy and affordable home coming dresses then make sure you shop at They offer a wide range of dresses to choose from so as to bring out that queen in you.

Get a Pair of Dancing Shoes
When it comes to dancing, ensure you have comfortable shoes. You would prefer not to be miserable throughout the night or need to take your shoes off and stroll around barefoot. Buy your shoes well ahead of time, and test them out by wearing them for 60 minutes every day the whole week paving the way to homecoming. When acquiring shoes, make certain to consider the length of your dress!

Deal with Your Skin

A major occasion isn't an ideal opportunity to explore different avenues regarding new chemicals or cosmetics that could bring about breakouts, so keep your skincare routine like what you've generally done. To get your skin fit as a fiddle, just wash it with a delicate cleanser twice every day paving the way to an occasion and keep your skin hydrated by drinking lots of water.

Take It for a Test Drive
Do a trial on your hair and cosmetics several days prior to homecoming so you won't scramble for thoughts on the very day. It's enjoyable to get together with your companions to explore different avenues regarding different looks, and after that you can all vote on your most loved looks.

Take note of those tips and be well-prepared for homecoming night.

Pros and Cons to Buying A Dress In A Physical Store And Online

With the current competition in the cloth selling industry, entrepreneurs are forced to open both online and storefront businesses in order to serve customers worldwide. When shopping online, there is the advantage of selection. As a customer, you literally have access to all the fashions and designs you would wish to purchase on your screen. Apart from that, prices are subsidized since the middle man is eliminated and the manufacturer can ship the dress directly to the customer. Ultimately, buying a dress online is more convenient. Reason being, online shops are open for 24 hours 7 days a week and you can buy a dress at the comfort of your warm bed.

Despite that buying a dress online has convenience, the client is disadvantaged to have no quick purchase. Shopping a dress online means one has to wait for shipping which may be time consuming. In addition, the buyer may end up purchasing a poor quality item since there is no physical touch to the product before buying it. As a result of above mentioned pros and cons of shopping online, the dress retailer Peaches Boutique has invested both in an online and a storefront boutique to efficiently reach their target customer globally. Indeed, it is what makes Peaches special and why you should shop with us.
When you choose to do in-store shopping for your dresses, good customer service is what every client enjoys first as an added advantage. The client has the freedom to physically ask any question regarding the design or material he or she is willing to buy. There is also the advantage of eliminated shipping cost by playing the delivery person yourself. Finally, the customer has trust with the kind of transaction carried on as there is no element of cheating in the business.

Just like a coin has two sides, buying a dress from the storefront may at times be irritating more so when the seller is aggressive and he or she wants you to buy a dress that is out of your preference. There is also the disadvantage of increased prices due to the high cost of maintaining the business. That includes paying rent charges and replacing fixtures. Therefore, customers are left to make a decision on where to buy the dress. Frequently asked questions by customers include; is it economical to purchase my dress from a storefront? Will I get a dress of my size and the design I want from the local dress shops?

All the questions in the mind of a customer need an answer for her to make the right purchasing decision. For that reason, top dress retailers like Peaches Boutique provides the answers to customer question by selling their amazing and special dresses both online and at their storefront. They give every potential customer the freedom to choose her best way of purchasing a dress of her choice at the best prices in the market.

Monday, October 24, 2016

How To Look Sexy Without Breaking The Dress Code

Every girl would like to look great on prom night. Some of them would like to look sexy but they make a mistake by wearing dresses that show too much skin. They end up being sent home because the dress they’re wearing doesn’t comply with the school’s dress code. Girls should remember that when they feel great about themselves, it will also reflect on the outside. If you are comfortable and you feel confident, you will also look sexy and fabulous.

If you still don’t get any idea, here are some tips that can help you:

Show your assets but cover other features: If your long legs are your main asset, you can flaunt it by wearing a short dress but make sure to cover up on top. If you like to show some cleavage, wear something that will cover your legs. Make sure that you won’t be showing too much of your assets or you will just be sent home.

Wear a lacy dress: When you are planning to buy sexy dresses for prom, a lacy dress should be on top of your list. Lace is trendy these days and it also gives out a very sexy look.

Go for designer dresses: Wearing designer dresses makes you feel good about yourself as you know that you’re wearing a dress that it is created by the best designers in the fashion industry. It will make you feel as if you’re worth a million bucks.

Choose the right hair style: Go for a bun or any updo hairstyles. Updo hairstyles allow you to show off your neck and shoulders. Don’t forget to wear chandelier earrings to complement the look.

Wear red lipstick: People will immediately notice that you’re wearing red lip stick. Red gives off an alluring feel. There are even studies that show that red is the sexiest lipstick color. So if you’re wearing a dress that doesn’t show off too much skin, let your red lipstick do its job!

Those are some of the tips that will help you look sexy for prom without having to break the dress code of your school. Remember that being sexy comes from within. No need to try really hard. 

If you’re looking for more fashion and beauty tips for prom, check out our blog